Exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences for the whole family


Exceptional Adventures and Unforgettable Experiences for the Whole Family

Do you live in Portugal with your children, or are you spending your parental leave in Lisbon or going on holiday in the Algarve?

Have you already taken the travel tips for families in your travel guides to heart and want to explore Portugal even more intensively with your children?

Are you looking for extraordinary experiences for the whole family? For a cosy restaurant with a playground, an exciting museum that also inspires your children, a picturesque medieval castle? Or a varied hike in the magnificent Portuguese mountains, a beautiful river bank or idyllic pond where you can jump in together? Or ancient, fairytale villages or remote areas where you can watch wild horses, free-ranging cattle or vultures and rock into the clouds like Heidi? Have you ever seen and touched Stone Age carvings?

Here, we collect ideas for unusual experiences and exciting adventures in Portugal, which you can try out with your children.

Poetic music for your 2021 holiday in Portugal

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the most exciting Portuguese bands of the last few years and have also put together a Spotify playlist that even your kids will love.

Portuguese river beaches – a swimmers’ paradise for the whole family

Throughout Portugal you’ll  find what are known as Praias Fluviais, many of them with the atmosphere of an open-air swimming pool, but there are also some beautiful ones in gorges or at small ponds. We have put together a list of our most beautiful river beaches for you here.

Ready for an island adventure with the whole family?

Portugal has many islands. Some are in the middle of the Atlantic, others just off the coast of the mainland. They all have their own special charm. We’ve put together the most beautiful island adventures for you here.

Our top highlights of Portugal

Looking for an extraordinary experience? See if one of these special suggestions appeals to you…